Загородный дом г-на Б. в Подмосковье - Архитектурная Мастерская Сергея Эстрина

Загородный дом г-на Б. в Подмосковье

2005, Жилые здания, Подмосковье
Client: Private
Общая площадь: 1 200 sqm
Архитекторы: Head – EstrinS., GAP – Biriukov N.

A modern, bright house was built on a spacious plot two hundred meters from the Klyazmien reservoir. We managed to locate the building in such a way as to level out the main drawback of the site-the presence of a large number of neighbors. The house consists of several interconnected buildings and is divided into functional blocks, each of which has its own exit to the terrace. The central unit unites the composition, where public zones are centered around the double-storey living room. Nearby – a sports block with a pool, upstairs – small comfortable rooms – bedrooms and offices. Another block is intended for representatives of the older generation of the customer’s family, another one combines the functions of a guest house and a garage. As the elements forming the stylistics of the house, they chose limestone with extensive glazing, natural stone and plaster. It was possible to organize the space in such a way as to provide all residents of the house with the most picturesque views from the windows.