Print on film details - Архитектурная Мастерская Сергея Эстрина

Print on film details


Large graphic surfaces are very expressive. It is not very expensive, but powerful contemporary solution.

1. Our collage on the 1st floor of Shabolovka penthouse. We put together this a huge composition (4×8 meters). Then printed the image on matte film and applied it onto the glass surface. For a long time we could not achieve the desired thick black color. At the time it was a fantastically difficult challenge – it was easier to build that penthouse …

2 and 3. Male and female toilets at Enter Svyaznoy. Just two out of ten. With the help of prints it was possible to achieve both the necessary character and diversity, as well as bring a bit of youth humor.

4.The waiting zone in Enter Svyaznoy. The ceiling and walls are beautiful. Please pay attention to the floor. Luxurious large grass, printed on a laminate.