Greenery details - Архитектурная Мастерская Сергея Эстрина

Greenery details


Cleverly paced  greens extremely enrich any project. Yes, it requires care, but it’s worth it!

1.Jungle lodges in the office of Sanofi Avensys. We provided a separate microclimate with its drainage, irrigation, bio-lighting and air-conditioning. It sounds scary, but in reality it is simply solved at the level of engineering design.

2 and 3. Japanese garden in the manager’s office. He goes to the garden of stones on the adjoining terrace. In order for the garden not turning into a snowdrift in winter, the stones were heated up, beautifully melting snow. Headquarters of Rosgosstrakh in Ordynka.

4.”Shower in the Garden.” Yes, the garden is behind the glass, but the impression is still strong. Penthouse on the Staromonetny per in Moscow.