Vladimir Plotkin and Sergey Estrin will deliver lecture about Aeroflot Office on 28th May 2011

The lecture by Vladimir Plotkin and Sergey Estrin will be delivered on 28th May 2011 at 05.30 p.m. in Central House of Artist (CHA) in the context of TATLIN PLAN | Aeroflot issue presentation.

Office complex Aeroflot Russian Airlines is situated within two kilometers from Sheremetievo airport. The view in plan of the property bears very strong resemblance to wings – the airline logo. Space planning solutions represent two glazed buildings, connected by atrium. The wing of one of the buildings is like an enormous cantilever with the longest in Moscow twenty meters overhang. The internal space creates straight and inclined columns, joining floors of the building wing.

The building was designed by TPO Reserve. The interior solutions for VIP zones were provided by Sergey Estrin Architectural Studio.