Alla Pavlikova. Behind the fog |, 16.02.2016

Sergey Estrin project for Terechovo Metro station competition is called Hedgehog in Fog. Graphics and plastic art are  united within as a fairytale – like a aspiration casted by water meadow life.

The project was not included into the short list of winners, yet the project is so attractive we cannot avoid telling about it.

The Mnevniky flood plain is not very Moscow like. It is low, somewhere mushy place.

“We wanted to make a non commonplace remarkable project,- says Sergey Estrin,- capture the mood of early morning metro passengers. We wanted for one to look at themselves from aside. See the landscape islands, think of real life values, and forget for a moment about permanent state of movement”.

The project theme was a memory of the location as it used to be. Hedgehog in Fog, the hero of Yury Nordshtein film – warm, recognizable character wondering in a chanted forest. The film has helped to find visually clear graphic shapes.

Project Head: Sergeyh Estrin, ChPA: Vladimir Pasynkov, architect: Elena Kondratieve. Participated Svetlana Koroleva

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