CDA was giving drama: report from Best Interior Festival | Project Russia 11/25/2019

For the second time, the Best Interior Festival, established by the Union of Architects of Russia to develop the National Award “Best Interior”, this year occupied the empty niche of “conceptual” interior exhibitions – somewhere between showroom expositions of finished interiors and theater decorations.

Seal of Ephemerality
In an unexpected way, the theme “Dialogue of a man and a woman” was revealed by architect Sergey Estrin: in his interior composition, style-forming elements – openwork columns and a lamp – are printed on a 3D printer. “We are trying to use new technologies to create new imagery. This is an ongoing experiment, says Sergey. – Something finds its application, we refuse something. Today we are interested in 3D printing technology, in the interiors is still very rare. But despite certain difficulties of application, this technology allows you to create unique visual images. ” It should be noted that this is not the first experience of Estrin with 3D printing in the interior.

Probably, the use of a completely automated production method for creating such visually man-made wickerwork should remind of the fragility of harmony not only between a man and a woman, but also any two other opposites: between massive and transparent, natural and man-made, real and digitized-virtual. However, in the era of post-postmodernism, the era of fast consumption and rapidly changing scenery, it is precisely on this line that all those who create the reality surrounding us and are forced to keep in constant dramatic tension are forced to balance – otherwise the masses craving for spectacles will get bored and pass by.

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