Challenge to designer: 6 interior projects, well, just like in a movie | Houzz 12/18/2019

Task 2: live ramps in the floor

What was required: an element of the interior that would shake the imagination of the guests. For example, an aquarium with sharks in the underground penthouse.

Says architect Sergey Estrin: “A task with complex technological calculations. It was necessary to decide how to architecturally design such a pool so that it would not leak, the floor could withstand the load, and so on. Naturally, the calculation of loads was carried out by designers. A bowl was made using the technology of bowls for a pool – regardless of the structure of the building, with separate waterproofing.

In addition, it was necessary to make this aquarium of such depth that it looked organically in the interior. But at the same time, so that the depth allows you to run a scuba diver for cleaning (as a result, the height was 70 cm). ”

The aquarium is covered with a glass “lid” of triplex – a transparent floor. “You can walk on it – such a coating can withstand the necessary load,” Sergey continues. – Inside the aquarium, internal lighting is arranged. For reliability, we substituted glass columns, which when filled with water completely disappear, it is impossible to make out ”.

During the development process, the project had to make a significant change. “The difficulty arose with the organization of the aquarium with salt water, which is necessary for sharks,” Sergey explains. – It is possible, but technically much more complicated than with fresh water. Filters, salts, water changes … equipment exceeds the size of freshwater, and significantly. The cost of maintaining such an aquarium is also much higher.

We worked with the wonderful Sea Aquarium company on Chistye Prudy. The owner – Mikhail Berezin – developed a whole concept for us and picked up the right combination of different fish that could exist with each other for as long as possible. On his advice, instead of sharks, we eventually chose freshwater stingrays. For contrast, they launched goldfish and piranhas into the aquarium: piranhas do not touch the goldfish, on the contrary, protect them from stingrays. “

Skates also showed a feature that gave the authors of the project an additional task.

“The stingrays turned out to be funny fish – they rolled over on their backs and spat in the crevices,” recalls Sergey Estrin. – The fact is that the glass podium, purely technically, could not be made from one single piece of glass. Glass has certain dimensions that allow it to be put in place, lifted in an elevator, etc. We made the surface of the aquarium from composite pieces, between which initially there were the thinnest gaps. Here, just in these places, the ramps very well felt the access of oxygen – and spat in them with water. It was very funny: periodically such fountains of water arose! However, it was dangerous, because glass is one of the most slippery surfaces. In the end, it was decided to seal these gaps tightly. ”


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