Country house near Moscow |Dpincel, December 2015

It’s absurd to use decorative techniques in such a large space.

 You can’t really change the space by placing textiles or furniture inside.

Country house near Moscow by Sergey Estrin Architectural Studio: So, we had to find the right scale, best proportions and the right rhythm. At the same time, this is a house for a very special VIP person, and we also had to make the interior «suitable» and comfortable for his everyday life and for meetings with his friends and business partners.”At first there was an architect from Italy, who was supposed to design the project. However, when the interior was almost ready, the owner of the house went to a party at his friend’s penthouse. The interior was designed by Sergey Estrin Architectural Studio and the client fell in love with that special style.As a result the project was handed over to AMSE architects. The new team started to develop new interior.The use of areas remained the same. The ground floor is a guest area, including fitness-zone with a swimming pool, the second floor –for private rooms and the master bedrooms.The only serious new engineering solution was the elevator that takes the owner from the first floor to his bedroom. Other engineering systems remained unchanged.

Floors: parquet floor (solid walnut in combination with natural stone);Walls: raised. Textured plaster, leaf copper, fixed by tinted varnish after several oxidation.Ceilings: a variety of materials and techniques in various areas, including stained solid wood.Doors: custom-made for this interior, according to the AMSE-architect’s project. Finishing – leather, glass, perforated copper and brass.Fixtures: special project, limited edition.Furniture: Vissionaire, Rugano.


Completed Works