Lilia Aronova. Perpendicular reality |, 14.09.2016

The new Moscow City development located in the very heart of town, makes one consider all sorts of high-rise architectural typology aspects. We have talked about Vertical City phenomenal and other  scale wise  architectural solutions with  Sergey Estrin – author of many bright projects both of  commercial and residential planning use.

Traditional city, and Moscow is definitely one of them, is a horizontal one. There are historical centre, retail streets, industrial and bedroom districts; there are could be national communities or an entertainment part. We are all used to this city, we can find our way around. When  all over sudden inside a paradigm like this appears a perpendicular formation, this turns into a rather noticeable event. From the point of view of both town planning and world perception for people working or living in it. That is a completely different business model; not just a new neighbourhood, but a building visible from any part of the city, not just a street address, but an individual name: Eurasia Tower, Mercury Tower, etc. That definitely enhance the residence prices.

That is a new city format, assuming, and this is very important,  a different kind of emotional satiety.

Ruusian text by Lilia Aronova