Office of a construction and restoration company in Moscow | Project Russia, May 2020

The main activities of the Client is the restoration of the most significant architectural properties of the country. Hence the main thesis of the technical task: to emphasize the numerous real achievements and create a kind of interior portfolio that inspires both employees and customers. A reminder of architectural objects restored by the customer is a large and important part of the project.

The architects had a task: to preserve the air, volume and height of the room, and at the same time make the office comfortable for the work of a huge team of people, see and line up future communications between employees and departments.

The building has an unusual, interesting configuration, very large-scale glazing, two-story glass, floors, not visible from the facade. The interior space is designed in such a way that already approaching the building you can distinguish the plan schedule through the glass.

The hierarchy is emphasized, but not too intrusively, through the classic theme of enfilade – a traditional composition placed in a modern building. The theme is emphasized by lighting: lamps are located on the axis. The structure is simple and clear: quiet and noisy departments, heads of departments, VIP-zone with offices and meeting rooms.

Interesting solutions arose in connection with the desire to fit complex copyright ideas into the existing budget of the customer. The cross-cutting theme – architecture, construction and restoration – was transformed into architectural elements: cornices, mosaics, portals, drawings, and finally, images of realized objects embedded in the interior in a variety of ways (self-leveling floors with prints, large gypsum elements, glass printing, printing by porcelain stoneware, mosaic inclusions in bulk floors).

Since many employees of the company spend most of their working time not in the office, but at the facilities and communicate with each other less often, the basis of office ideology is the relationship between different departments and their commonality.

There are a lot of copyright solutions in the interior decoration. For example, a mosaic with views of the two capitals of Moscow and St. Petersburg, transferred to micro-concrete plaster, marble, huge lamps made according to the author’s sketches and drawings, bulk concrete with screen graphics and mosaics, paintings in VIP rooms. Reception desks and most of the decorative gypsum elements are also made according to author’s sketches by private craftsmen.

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