Sergey Estrin. Authoe Practice | Construction Expert 21.12.2017

30 November 2047 in Central House of Architects Sergey Estrin spoke for MArchI students


Sergey has spoken about  his career and why he has chosen the architectural occupation. He has opened his own office in 2002 when he was forty. Sergey talked about difficulties his new company had the first years. He explained that his company offers comprehensive services to his clients. The company has completed projects in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Astana, Alma Ata, Rome.  Shared his plans abouth company’s growth and development.

Sergey gave his recommendations to new architects about best carrier development scenario. Explained how his Studio works.


Mr. Estrin paid special attention to architect-client and architect-contractor rapport as well as about copyright.

Separate topic was “Architecture as a business” where Sergey also spoke about current architecture market.


BIM Technologies. Management in architecture. Pr in Studio. Architectural contests. Sergey spoke about success, about life in profession.

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