Wayward architecture | Sergey Khachaturov, archi.ru, 30.03.2015

Moscow Gallery A3 shows exhibition Estrin Code.  The subheading states ” Everything you always wanted to know about architecture but were afraid to ask”. The exhibition supervisor is young art historian Anastasia Dokouchaeva. Together with Estrin she has chosen for exposition mainly graphic works in various techniques and materials. And right she was.

Выставка «Код Эстрина», 2015. Фотография © Дмитрий Рудник

Tiny rooms of cosy gallery feel like inside of a file full of architectural graphic art pages. Only you don’t open it on top of a table but carefully pour it into a pile, creating  vibrant visual effects. Animation effect of anxious, moving, impulsive architecture exhibited is striking. Sergey Estrin is a remarkable practicing architect and virtuoso in graphic arts. He can draw scherzo and capriccio on anything and with anything. Looking at his towers, bridges, arches, vaults  drawn with  felted pen, ink, charcoal, pencil, pen or leaf gold onto paper, glass, container board, kraft paper or tracing paper it seems that the entire history of architecture is rustling beneath your very eyes, alive and whirling in a passionate dance.

Russian text: Sergey Khachaturov for archi.ru