Tatiana Pashintseva. Ten years of positive creation. | archi.ru, 09.04.2012

For architect Sergey Estrin the year 2012 is twice a jubilee – 21st January he has celebrated his 50th anniversary, and on 3rd April the Architectural Studio founded by him is turned ten years. The celebrations of Sergey Estrin Architectural Studio (AMSE) took place in symbolic place for both Sergey and his Team – Synagogue on Bolshaya Bronnaya, one of the first properties reconstructed in accordance with Sergey’s design.

Half an hour before the festive part of the evening Sergey Estrin took the journalists around the building. Although the literary fraternity practically intruded into measured life of community, and the women are not entitled to enter into men prayer room, the guests we welcomed and received most kindly. The rabbi Yitzhak Kogan personally took the group into main prayer hall, where has shown cabinet with Torah scroll (central concept in the Jewish tradition) remained intact from year 1937 by a miracle. There is also a hatch under carpet near “rostrum” leading to underground passage used for escape in case of pogrom. Funny enough, these days it leads to the bank next door. When discovered by the bankers it was blocked, and now they cannot use this shortcut to restaurant on the fifth floor on the Synagogue.

The other bright residential and commercial astonishing projects of the Studio were presented on the third floor of the Synagogue. Many guests held warm speeches to congratulate the Studio; the clients thanked Sergey for his magnificent work. Sergey Estrin has spoken about sources of his inspiration.

In newly issued TATLIN book one can discover more about Sergey Estrin work, philosophy of his creativity, Studio’s know-how. Ten years portfolio includes not only projects and completed properties, but also Sergey’s drawings performed in various techniques.

Russian text by Tatiana Pashintseva for archi.ru