Whims of the “luxury” class: what the rich want from the design of their apartments | RIA Real Estate 23.07.2018

Any apartment owner wants to furnish it to their liking, even when it comes to expensive housing, then the most original whims are connected to business. The designers told the “RIA Real Estate” site, with what requests the rich clients address, and how there is a compromise between wishes and common sense.

The most interesting projects arise when they have certain highlights, says architect Sergey Estrin. It divides client’s requests into two types.

“The first is when the customer clearly knows what he would like to have, and can describe it clearly.” We had a customer who moved to a penthouse in the center of Moscow, but did not want to give up his habit of getting into the ice hole. We made a bath, which was filled with ice from a special machine, every morning he was prepared an ice bath in which he rested, “- recalls the architect.

The second, and more frequent situation, when the customer says that he needs something completely new, interesting, unusual, continues Estrin. “To make his new house impress friends, girls, so that there is a wow effect.

For example, one client experienced constant high tension, constant fatigue, recalls Estrin. He was offered a small corner where you can feel how all problems are literally washed off with water.

“We made a glass wave and such a relaxing furniture set by the side. Someone we sat on the aquarium in the podium: the person sits, and under it swim the fish, the rays, that is, those unusual things that occur in our projects, they are like time and arise at the junction of the customer’s inner desire and our ability to turn this vague desire into concrete architectural ideas, “explains Estrin.

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