3D installation “Dialogue of man and woman”

Yesterday, November 19, at the Central House of Architects on Granatny Lane, the Best Interior Festival 2019 (BIF) was opened. As part of the festival program, Sergey Estrin created an installation printed on a 3D printer.

The installation is called “Dialogue of man and woman.” Dialogue in the environment is a compromise leading to a new result: He is looking for novelty, freshness, dynamics, She is looking for stability, reliability, rhythm. And together They find a living, special, personal space where dialogue does not turn into quarrels, but leads to harmony and joy.

“Where and how does this dialogue take place? This is a debate and discussion, a search for truth. It is always a journey into your own separate world, often ephemeral, fragile, mysterious. Just entering this world, you realize its beauty and attractiveness. This is not a routine, it is a decoration of life. ” So the architect Sergey Estrin considers.

We wanted to solve the problem using architectural rather than purely decorative techniques. Having experience working on our projects with 3D printing, we applied our new knowledge in this project. As a result, the environment is created by classic elements in a fantasy design.

The exhibition runs until November 22.