Antonina Plakhina. The city of light |, 23.06.2016

Sergey Estrin Architectural Studio has developed a picturesque and many faces residential  development  concept design for one of the green Moscow districts.

Challenges are there to encourage creativity;  the most interesting solutions come up  in the most  compound situations.

The residential complex designed by Sergey Estrin Architectural Studio  within closed tender for one of the  quiet Moscow districts – is one solid proof for the theory.

A site of about half a hectare closely surrounded by five-storey buildings is planned for high density residential development with rented premises on the ground floor.  The architects have chosen the optimum height as a starting point and then revised it based on the shadow each part of the building casts on the neighbour at each hour.  Now each and every apartment is getting maximum light during the day, resulting is complicated shape  with many cuts.

The property reminds a huge art object with new building opening  at sight as you go around it.

Anna Plakhina for