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AMSE projects varied in scope and purpose. But all of them are united by an attentive attitude to style and aesthetics, which does not exclude the functionality of architectural solutions.

The  Studio works include the Synagogue on Bolshaya Bronnaya in Moscow, interior solutions for the Legion-1 business center, offices for Baker & McKenzie, Aeroflot-Russian Airlines, public areas of the Eurasia tower in Moscow City and many others.

New offices of a group of construction companies

Design means ARCHICAD
Sergey Estrin, the founder of the workshop, began designing at ARCHICAD while working at Mosproekt under Andrei Dmitrievich Meerson. At that time, the program was only gaining popularity in Russia. The ARCHICAD library elements have become a new and convenient tool for the architect.

Having founded the workshop, Sergey Estrin transferred to his company the practice of designing in ARCHICAD. Now almost all project documentation is being formed in the program: the primary concept, the design project, the working documentation. Architects work in a team using ARCHICAD TeamworkTM technology.

ARCHICAD is learned in business
Employees who have not previously used ARCHICAD do not receive additional training, but become familiar with the program in the process. A variety of projects and an emphasis on the author’s architecture is a guarantee that new, often non-trivial design tasks will appear in the work. And so the process of self-study at the workshop staff is constantly.

Interiors of a private residential building in Zhukovka

“ARCHICAD is a design environment with clear and simple logic. The trial period of two months is enough for the new colleagues to learn the program at the right level. ”

Idea – on paper, execution – in ARCHICAD

Sergey Estrin begins his projects with a drawing. His main tools are the pencil and ruler. When the idea is thought out, the architects of the workshop transfer the hand sketches to ARCHICAD and work them out in the program in detail.

“Speed ​​and intuition are the main advantages of ARCHICAD. These qualities of the program allow you to support the architect’s creative intent and quickly test ideas for “strength.”

In one of the projects – a residential complex in Moscow – the architects of the workshop designed an almost gigantic art object. From the sketches on paper to the details worked out in ARCHICAD, the complex volume of the building grew with many sections in height. The spectator, moving around the perimeter of the complex, opens with every step new perspectives on the object.

Residential complex in Moscow


Studio for architecture with character

“Each project should, as a person, have its own character, reflected in every detail,” the company believes. And therefore, they pay close attention not only to the concept of the project, but also to the elaboration of materials, colors, textures for the realization of ideas.

Public areas of the tower in Moscow City

In the interior design project of the public zone of the tower in Moscow City, the architects of the workshop proposed a concept called the Forest Symphony. In ARCHICAD, the smallest details of the decorative elements of the interior were worked out. It turned out a space that resembles a forest path, which is illuminated by the light streaming through the crowns of trees.

In 1984, GRAPHISOFT® made the BIM revolution by developing ARCHICAD®, the first CAD industry’s BIM solution for architects. GRAPHISOFT continues to lead the architectural software market by creating innovative products such as BIMcloud ™, the world’s first solution for joint real-time BIM design, EcoDesigner ™, the world’s first fully integrated application for energy modeling and energy performance assessment of buildings, and BIMx® is the leading mobile application for the demonstration and presentation of BIM models. Since 2007, GRAPHISOFT has been part of the Nemetschek Group.