Architect’s choice | Obustroistvo, November 2018

Sergey Estrin told the Sochi magazine “Construction” about the current world trends in architecture.

This material is becoming increasingly popular: technologies are developing and new opportunities for its use appear. Glass allows you to work with light: applying it in the interior and on the facade of the building, you can create a variety of effects. Thus, polarization glass in combination with a mirror surface makes it possible to show real spatial foci.

Today, the understanding of premium-class interior has changed significantly, not only among architects and designers, but also among customers. Replaced by gilded woodcarving, glitter and rhinestones come more expressive solutions. Many textures, textures, color combinations, sophisticated design, quality materials – all this definitely outweighs the “embellishment”. The laws and principles of classical architecture are dominant, while the pieces of furniture and interior look modern and expressive.

All over the world they continue to build unusual buildings on individual projects. This also applies to social housing, which is being built in the framework of state programs. For example, a variety of unique public buildings have grown in recent years in China. Despite the difficult economic situation, in all countries, architects design expensive, expressive complexes.