В своем ритме | ELITE Interior 02, 2019

The architects of the Sergey Estrin Architectural Studio created an interior for a client with a strong-willed nature, who has a very clear understanding of what he wants in both his life and his business. Within these walls absolutely everything goes along with his life style to provide an utmost comfort.

The apartment located in one of the high-rise buildings in the west of Moscow and has a footprint of a circle segment. From the 33rd floor windows opens dramatic view to the river, Zhivopisny Bridge and Serebryanny Bor. The semi-circular configuration of the apartment makes it possible to follow the motion of the sun and admire the picturesque sunsets. The client is a hard working man, who appreciates his free time and loves to spend it at home with his family.

The architects immediately decided to abandon the ready-made or universal solutions: all the cabinet furniture was made to order, mirrors, glass partitions and lighting were also custom made.

Instead of a regular corridor the client wanted a decorative tunnel. The architects found the solution: glowing stripes intersecting at different angles are reflected in a mirror to create an effect of infinity. In the corridor there are hidden doors to the bedroom, guest bathroom and to utility room. The utility room is equipped for washing, drying and ironing, with closets and water treatment system and is decorated with marble.

The living room is separated from the kitchen by  glass partition and with wall decorated with brushed travertine. The kitchen is divided into two zones: for cooking and dining. The dining area is open towards the living room. “Some successful decisions were made right during the fit-out process,” says Oksana Burkovskaya. – For example, according to the original plan, the partition between the living room and the kitchen was solid. As a result of a contractor error, the upper part of the wall was dismantled. The view to the kitchen that suddenly opened up inspired us to completely break the wall and replace it with transparent glass. Instead of partition there is a art deco carved chest of drawers, trimmed with metal paint. From the opposite side (from the sitting room) it turns into fireplace.”

Bedroom – is like a small richly carved casket, designed in a single colour grade. The drawing on the walls, decorated with three-layer textured plaster, was developed specifically for the client.

The well-lit dressing room is equipped with storage system, scrupulously thought through to the smallest detail to comply with the best needs of the owners. For example, a rather convenient closet with a spinning mechanism was designed especially for handbags. By the window there is also a dressing table.

The office is designed as a place of solitude: here you can relax and read, and – if you want – to do some work. The space is designed thoughtfully: there is a spacious desk, an ergonomic chair and several tiers of shelves for souvenirs and books to be stored.

The bathroom is very spacious, with a shower cabin and a comfortable bath – a blue dream of the client. Marble slabs of various thickness with different surface treatment cover the walls. This technique allows to demonstrate the texture of the stone. The wonderful effect is well enhanced by the hidden light.​

Text: Alla Goian
Project author: Oksana Burkovskaya, architect Sergey Estrin Studio
Photo: Igor Mikhnev, Konstantin Levin

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