It’s like in space: karaoke with a 3D ceiling designed by Sergey Estrin |Katya Kruglikova, Designchat, 05.07.2019

Modern technologies are developing fast, and sometimes it comes to help at the most unexpected moment. A great example is the experience of the famous architect Sergey Estrin: in one of his new projects some of the interior elements were printed on a 3D printer. 

Among the works of architect Sergey Estrin is everything: penthouses, offices of companies, commercial buildings and even a synagogue. He always honors the wishes of customers and in each of his work tries to convey their character through the details, the concept and even the materials with which the order is realized.

The client who came to him with the task of arranging the karaoke-restaurant “City Voice” in the Oko tower in Moscow City did not issue any clear instructions, only general emotional wishes. The task was to make the space with an interesting, modern and “striking” interior. The team started work, and after a while Sergey’s client received a dozen or so ideas with a rich visual range. Most of all, the customer liked the theme of space, made in the style of fusion.

One of the karaoke rooms “City Voice”.

Sergey’s team created several spaces with different purposes and scenarios: the entertainment center consisted of a hall with a reception, a corridor and several separate zones. One of them was the VIP-room, which was designed for the customer. It was assumed that in this hall, which is a private room, only he and people from his inner circle will spend time, and there will be closed themed karaoke parties here. From here there is an exit to the kitchen where you can order food and drinks. In this hall is one of the most spectacular elements of the entire restaurant – the decorative ceiling, which was called the “Birth of a Star”. It is a sculptural composition of polyester mass with the addition of pigments, which transmits and diffuses light.

The second VIP-room was also supposed to become the owner’s private room, but in the process it was decided to turn it into a commercial space where you can hold concerts or parties. This room was provided with full sound insulation and high-quality sound system. As well as a lighting control system – now you can implement an unlimited number of light scenarios.

The big hall of the karaoke “City Voice” designed by Sergey Estrin.

Another room is a hookah with a restaurant – this area is much quieter, and is designed for business and personal meetings. Here is the “ice bar”, the idea of ​​which is very much liked by the customer: the decorative stand is decorated in the form of a block of ice, which contrasts with the copper-colored bar shelves.

All these rooms are interconnected by a corridor that is no less artistic in design than the halls themselves: it consists of complex decorative elements creating optical illusions, door handles are made in the form of microphones, and one wall is decorated with a custom panel made by artist Konstantin Khudyakov, depicting alien creatures.

Restaurant-karaoke “City Voice”, the design of the hall – Architectural workshop of Sergey Estrin. Panel Konstantin Khudyakov.
Reception in karaoke “City Voice”.
Door handles in the form of microphones are made to order according to the designer’s sketches.

Another distinctive feature of this project was the fact that the ceiling project in one of the halls was an imitation of sound waves, which was supposed to be made of aluminum profiles. But in practice it turned out that it is impossible to do it with sufficient quality. Then modern technologies came to the aid of the architects: after removing the geometry of the space, Sergey’s team printed complex ceiling elements on a 3D printer. Experts on such a print were not found immediately, but those who agreed worked with great enthusiasm, because they hadn’t done anything like that and of such a level of complexity. None of the actors at that time was sure of success, but the result impressed everyone.

Fragment of a bathroom in a karaoke “City Voice”. Here the ceiling was also printed on a 3D printer.

n the end, the customer received even more than expected. This place is now a special environment where each of the spaces is a reflection of its nature, has its own purpose and even several usage scenarios.


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