Moscow hosted the tournament of architectural graphics “Line of Thought” | TV channel Culture 05/20/2019

Russian state television channel “Culture” about the architectural tournament.

In the House of Artists held a tournament of architectural graphics “Line of Thought.” The participants had to create graphic compositions on the given topics in a few minutes.

Each of the four participants in the tournament has only ten minutes to create a drawing on a given topic. She was announced before the start of the creative contest. This time the theme was the first line from the ode of the Roman poet Horace – “I erected a monument to myself.” From the first to the last second, what is being created is fixed by cameras, transmitting images to the screen. In the computer era, hand-drawn graphics in 10 minutes are especially valuable.

“All participants are first-class Russian architects, brilliant graphics. But at the same time, not everyone who can spend hours painting magnificent compositions can concentrate and make a creative composition in 10 minutes, ”said architect Andrey Chernikhov.

The architect of the Skolkovo University of Science and Technology, Ekaterina Simakova, said that she was worried as if on an exam. Focusing on the public requires a special attitude. Everything happens here and now. She shared: “I tried to abstract and go into the topic. I wanted to convey some kind of upward movement when architecture grows out of the depths themselves and there are certain strata — a conditional environment from which an architecton rises. ”

The jury – famous people of culture. Chairman – Russian set designer Sergey Barkhin. He noted: “At the tournament they can break the helmet or even knock out, but I hope that everything here will be very elegant. Architects are the most cultured people ever. ” Pedestal in the form of a stool, and it is an egg.

The prize of the tournament – “Silver Stylos” – went to four members of the dynasty of architects Asadov, who created a single composition of four parts.

Maria Trofimova