Opening of the exhibition “100 years on the plate” in the new exhibition space of the Roca Group | AD Russia 04/26/2019

On April 22, the launch of the international art project 100x100Art took place in the Roca Group exhibition space.

The idea of ​​the project is to create a chronicle of the 20th century with the help of artists and famous figures of world culture. 100 authors presented their vision of evolution in an unusual form – having painted a porcelain plate of the Imperial Factory in St. Petersburg. In each sketch there is a statement on the topic of the past century, an attitude towards different events with which the past century was rich: from wars and revolutions to the advent of the Internet and flights into space.

Having swept the world and collecting pictures, the plate stopped in Moscow to begin its story – 100 years on a plate from 100 authors. The collection will gradually be replenished with works, recording names, dates, cities, countries, and emotions on the “disk drive”. The exhibition was also timed to the opening of the multifunctional space of the Roca Group, created by the architectural bureau VOX Architects.

AD Russia